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COVID-19 Safety Info

BA Studios is aware that the COVID-19 pandemic was an exceptionally difficult time for all of us. 

The safety of our students and staff is extremely important to us, and we’re working to keep you as safe as possible. We will continually review and update our procedures and keep you informed on this page.

The staff members are well versed in cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Hand sanitizers and hand washing stations are available and encouraged. The studio space, barres, and equipment is cleaned and sanitized daily.


BA Studios does not require face coverings, but if you feel safer wearing one, please do! Our space is yours to feel safe in. We do not share nor ask for vaccination status.  BA Studios does not discriminate against vaccination choices.

BA Studios likes to find the bright sides even in the darkest situations. Virtual classes and experiences have become more dominant, and why not embrace it? We encourage students to take advantage of our prerecorded exercise demonstrations that our uploaded on our Instagram & Youtube Page.

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