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BA Studios - What does it stand for?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Welcome to BA Studios, a dance and fitness boutique! To answer your burning question; no, it does not stand for Bad A** Studios...but we are pretty awesome.

Bri Ahlers Studios teaches low intensity fitness classes for adults like barre, yoga, Pilates, etc., and we blend classical and modern dance techniques to create unique science-based dance classes for youth. We are a new world of dance and fitness that aims to change outdated rules.

There are over 30 dance and fitness studios in Tucson. Due to the closures of COVID-19 several big dance companies in Tucson closed leaving many students looking for a new studio to call home. As the community continues to open back up, many brand-new students are ready to begin their dance career.

The importance of movement in our daily lives has become much more apparent. BA Studios provides a safe and productive environment to reach new movement health goals. Many young Tucson dancers lost their home dance studio, and many schools cancelled after-school art, music, and dance programs. Many adults need a place for community, health, and fine arts to impact their social, emotional, and physical health in a positive way. BA Studios provides that.

I started dancing when I was 3 years old, beginning with ballet and jazz. When I was eleven my training became more serious as I stepped into a preprofessional dance school where I learned more dance styles and took on soloist roles in large productions. I taught dance classes to younger students and traveled to dance with companies, including the American Ballet Theater. When I graduated high school, I danced with the University of Arizona. I worked my way to the top, but it was not easy for many “traditional” challenges came my way. I was pressured to be skinny, always 'look the part', and was constantly told I wouldn’t ‘make it’ because I wasn’t tall enough, or wasn’t from the ‘right’ city, or my body didn’t match that style of dance.

While being a school teacher for several years, I still continued to teach and perform dance at over 12 local studios. I left the schools during the COVID pandemic and decided to start teaching at a local fitness boutique. I loved teaching, but noticed that the pandemic destroyed people’s mental and physical health and I wanted to change that. I received multiple fitness certifications and began working with adults and fell in love with teaching low impact fitness.

Thus, leading me to my ultimate dream of opening my own dance and fitness studio. I want to reach out to Tucson youth and give them a world of dance that is positive and inviting, while providing productive and safe training. I want to reach out to Tucson adults who have busy lives, but need a small, safe, and fun place to get in that good workout, take time for themselves, and feel that their fitness goals are important. BA Studio’s goal is to have a studio that is a leader in the dance community of Tucson. We hope to educate students on the importance on movement, health, and wellness for adults, and provide dance opportunities for youth that are not be possible at other studios.

Tucson families have had a tough couple of years and their mental and physical health dramatically impacted by COVID-19. It’s time to get Tucson families moving again with BA Studios.

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