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7 Fun Tips to Stay Hydrated!💧💧💧

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Okay, Tucson friends let's talk about staying hydrated...

We live in the desert, so I don't need to stress the importance of staying hydrated...but okay, I will anyway. WE NEED TO STAY HYDRATED! Roughly 60% of our bodies are made up of water. When we stay hydrated we can better regulate our body temperature, improve our sleep, and daily cognition and mood. Drinking plenty of water also keeps our joints well lubricated, prevents infections, delivers nutrients to our cells, and keeps our skin looking young and healthy. 🤩


1. Hydrate When You Wake Up: ☀️

Start your day off right, my friends! Make it a habit when you wake up in the morning to drink water right away. Preplan and have a water bottle on the nightstand, or make it the first thing you grab from the fridge that morning. Drink water while you're getting ready. I fill a cute tumbler and sip on it while I do my hair and make up.

2. Plan to Hydrate with Your Meals 🥗

We almost always have a drink with our meals, right? Make that drink water! Want something else to drink? That's fine, but drink water, too! It's all about creating that habit and habits don't stick after one day. Make it part of your routine when you eat your meals.

3. Keep Track of Your Hydration 📱

I was always told as a child to aim to drink "8 glasses of water a day." That number might have been different for you, but the bottom line is to try to set a goal for yourself daily. Maybe you're keeping track in your head or maybe you keep track on your phone. Did you know there are free apps you can download to remind you to drink water? The most popular that pop up are Daily Water Tracker Reminder, Hydro Coach, Water Drink Reminder, and Aqualert. Not sure that will help? Download one of them and give it a try. It's free. You got nothing to lose and only hydration to gain. 😎💧

4. Create a Diet with a High Water Content 🍎🥒

Did you know that fruits and vegetables have a high water content that will help you reach your daily goal? Fruits like apples, cantaloupe, strawberries, peaches, and watermelon, and vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, spinach, and zucchini. Some dairy products, including milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese, are also a good sources of water, but I know many of us try to keep our diary intake lower. Try to incorporate some of these fruits and vegetables more into your daily diet.

5. Set Times in the Day to Hydrate ⏰

As humans we typically love routine. Take a good look at your day to day schedule and think about moments when you could drink water. For me it's while I'm driving- I'm just sitting there so I might as well sip my water while I drive. Maybe it's waiting in the parking lot to pick your kiddo from school, maybe it's while you're waiting in a lobby for an appointment, or perhaps it's while you're walking your dog through the neighborhood. This can create the habit and time to be drinking water the whole day.

6. Try Flavored Water🍋

Can never go wrong with simple lemon water, right? Maybe cucumbers or oranges? Mint leaves or berries? The enhanced flavor can make drinking water enjoyable. There are carbonated flavored waters if you're trying to get off drinking soda or other sugary drinks, but still crave the carbonation. There are also water enhancer drops like Stur or Mio if you crave a large variety of flavors.

7. Get a Cute Water Bottle You Love ✨😍

Okay, my favorite tip....get a cute water bottle. Why not be excited to drink water because you're carrying your adorable water bottle around?! Maybe it's a purple Hydroflask, a pink glittery tumbler, or a large white Stanley cup. Find a water bottle you would love to carry around all day and drink from.

Tried some of this tips? Have other ideas to add?

Come share your thoughts by taking a class with us! We can't wait to meet you!

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